Team profiles



Name: Melissa Erol

Position: I am responsible for the satire article and I am also one of the lectors

Interests: drawing, binch watching on Netflix, eating

Favourite subject: English, Biology

Favourite food: fried chicken

Other things about me: I am pretty sarcastic and also clumsy



Name: Kaja Stelljes

Position: my position is mainly to write articles, but I also interviewed the teachers with Paulina

Interests: playing the piano, the flute and  playing soccer.

Favourite subject: History, Biology and Sports

Favourite food: pizza

Other things about me: I like reading.



Name: Paulina Bründer

Position: My position is mainly to write articles, but I also interviewed the teachers with Kaja.

Interests: I played guitar for 8 years. I like to read and love to go outside. I also like to play badminton in the garden.

Favourite subject: English, German, History and Geography.

Favourite food: I like to eat Italian food like spaghetti carbonara and pizza. But I also love hamburgers.

Other things about me: I love going on vacation. In summer I always go on holiday with my family to Sardinia.



Name: Leyan Töngel

Position: I do the creative things like designing our flyers or drawing new ideas, I also wrote the article about hacks and trends.

Interests: I have been playing the viola since 2th grade. I like to eat, draw, read and swim. I also like to listen to music.

Favourite subject: Art, English, Biology and Geography.

Favourite food: A lot, I mean I really like pizza, pancakes and watermelon.

Other things about me: I really love to travel. Flying to new places during the holidays is the best. I also like to be by the sea or travel with friends in a tiny boat.



Name: Nivin Lilian Ramadan

Position: I write articles, design the flyers and take some photos. I also wrote a quiz

Interests: I used to dance to Hip Hop music, love to watch series (Pretty Little Liars) and I love to eat.

Favourite subject: English, Art, Sport

Favourite food: Almost everything, fries, ice tea, noodles, rice

Other things about me: I am crazy, I love to laugh, meet friends and I really love to take photos. I have two sisters and I like to annoy them   🙂



Name: Greta Honert

Position: I write articles, take pictures and I helped designing our logo

Interests: playing football, listening to music and meeting friends

Favourite subject: English, Art, Sport, Biology and Geography

Favourite food: watermelon, avocado, noodles, fruits, ice cream and more

Other things about me: I really love taking pictures, travelling and meeting my friends. I have an older sister and a lot of really crazy friends, I love them all. 🙂



Name: Chiyere Okoronkwo

Position: website designer

Interests: I really like to do my own thing, like to meet friends and to stay in school

Favourite subject: German, Latin, Music, Sport…

Favourite food: Everything that I like.

Other things about me: I´m a little bit crazy… Just a little bit… I like to annoy my teachers, but only in a friendly way. I reaaaally like to go to school because the area in there is georgeous. I also like to spend time with my family and outside too. Life is unpredictable… unpredictable in a good way, you know..



Name: Wiebke Hoek

Position: I write articles and helped to design the flyers.

Interests: I like meeting friends and listening to music.

Favourite subject: Latin, English

Favourite food: burgers, avocado and chocolate

Other things about me: I like travelling and taking pictures with my older sister



Name: Martha Beck

Position: I write articlessssss lol

Interests: Sport, music and food

Favourite subject: Biology, German, Music

Favourite food: mustard

Other things about me: I´M DIFFERENT


Name: Anna-Lena Lorenz

Position: Editor 1

Interests: photography, English literature, travelling

Favourite subject: English, Philosophy, Theatre

Favourite food: anything home cooked, cherries and ice-cream

Other things about me: I have absolutely no musical talent.


Name: Andrea Harzmeyer

Position: Editor 2

Interests: art (of course), literature, sports,

Favourite subject: Art, English, Philosophy

Favourite food: sweets in general

Other things about me: There is no day without music!




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